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yogaSOMATICS Teacher Training with Ateeka & Ola Borud

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yogaSOMATICS Teacher Training  with Ateeka & Ola Borud

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30. sep. 2022, 10:00 – 02. okt. 2022, 14:30

Helsehuset iSenter, Glads vei 20, 0489 Oslo, Norge

Om arrangementet

The next LIVE training begins in SEPTEMBER 2022 in Oslo, Norway y o g a S O M A T I C S developing the body - mind - heart connection

250 Hour yogaSOMATICS Teacher Training & Mentorship Program

in affiliation with Indreleder AS

Oslo - Norway

September 2022 - November 2023

Welcome to our yoga teacher training and mentorship program with a focus on self-development and discovering your own inner resources.

By developing and deepening your own own yoga/movement/mindfulness practice and giving attention to your inner life, you can find new resources within. From what you learn, integrate and discover within your own inner process, naturally arises a desire to share what you have learned with others. . . in your own unique way.

This training gives you both an inner journey for developing yourself and a foundation of somatic practitioner skills for teaching yogaSOMATICS to others.

You will learn integrative yogaSOMATICS techniques and mindfulness practices to help reduce stress, shift neuro-emotional/psycho-somatic patterning, awaken a clear body-mind-heart connection, cultivate health, vitality and balance.

You will learn effective mind-body-emotion connection practices for appropriating, grounding, circulating and utilizing life energy (prana). When life energy is flowing and balanced, one can access a vast potential for a healthy body, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and deeper understanding of life process.

This training is an opportunity to bring depth to your experience of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in your life, and how to share this with students and clients. By participating in this course, you will be part of a rich field of of ideas, energy and manifestations in motion.
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