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Dancing as We Are - The changing of the seasons

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Dancing as We Are - The changing of the seasons
Dancing as We Are - The changing of the seasons

Tid og sted

21. mai 2023, 16:30 – 19:30

iSenter, Glads vei 20, 0489 Oslo, Norge

Om arrangementet

*no prior experience needed just come as you are willing to move and be present in the dance*"

As the seasons are changing and spring buds are showing their subtle presence, we are invited to connect and move with our inner changing seasons in our life. These seasons cannot be forced any more than one can force the coming of spring by going out and pulling at tender blades of grass to make them grow. Let us explore through the dance, what has been waiting patiently to bloom and grow, showing its first buds after the winter, what else might be demanding  its presence in this season and what new seeds need planting with attention, intention, passion and care. "

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Samar Qudha is a Palestinian Movement Medicine teacher, lawyer, group facilitator, mediator and an activist living in Palestine-Israel. For the past years Samar has been focusing her work on social change through law and movement. She's been offering movement classes and workshops, facilitating groups for social change and empowerment, advocating for human rights. Samar has been dancing all her life, and for the last 15 years have deepened her life journey through 5 rhythms and movement medicine. She’s inviting you to bring all your different parts into the spirit of the dance, where there is endless space to breathe and move. Movement Medicine is a movement meditation practice that helps us embody and bring all our present being, our life force and creative energy into movement. It is a practice of embodying all emotions and energies through movement and a pathway to deeper healing and connection to ourselves, as well as other beings and elements, connection to our bodies minds hearts souls and to our true nature. For more on that see:


  • Dancing as We Are in May 2023

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