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Dancing as We Are

Connecting to our bodies and natural selves through Dancing the Elements of Nature Earth Fire Water Air

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Dancing as We Are
Dancing as We Are

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05. mar. 2022, 15:00 – 19:00

Helsehuset iSenter, Glads vei 20, 0489 Oslo, Norge

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Dancing as We Are

Connecting to our bodies and natural selves

through dancing the Elements of Nature Earth Fire Water Air

We are invited to bring all of ourselves, through dancing with the various qualities of the elements, allowing them to be our teachers, guides and support in our being, both in our movement and in our stillness. The elements are the most accessible resource at hand, embedded in our physical body as well as in our surroundings and thus are part of our whole being. Through moving with curiosity and care, the invitation is to expand the body, our constant physical home, the one we carry with us as it carries us wherever and however we are. Let us fall into our own arms and embrace ourselves through this movement inquiry with body, heart, mind. Come as you are!

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop" Rumi

Samar Qudha is a Palestinian Movement Medicine teacher a lawyer, group facilitator, mediator and an activist living in Palestine-Israel. She is also a mother of two embracing life with all it has to offer. For the past few years Samar has been focusing her work on social change through law and movement. She's been offering movement classes and workshops, facilitating groups for social change and empowerment, as well as advocating for human rights especially within the Palestinian minority in her country. Samar has been dancing all her life, and for the last 15 years have deepened her life journey through 5 rhythms and movement medicine. She brings all her different parts through the dance and she’s inviting you to bring all you are into the spirit of the dance, where there is endless space to breathe and move.

Movement medicine is a movement meditation practice that helps us embody and bring all our present being, our life force and creative energy into movement. It is a practice of embodying all emotions and energies through movement and a pathway to deeper healing and connection to ourselves, as well as other beings and elements, connection to our bodies minds hearts souls and to our true nature. For more on that see:


  • Dancing as We Are

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